Kawasaki Teryx Top Sellers
Top Selling Items for the Kawaski Teryx LTATV are shown below.
  • Plastic Rivets
    • PN: 92039-1229 (info)
  • Teryx Oil Filter
    • PN: 16097-0003 (info)
  • Teryx Drain Plug Gasket 12mm
    • PN: 92065-097 (info)
  • Teryx Air Filter
    • Stock Foam Filter PN: 11013-0018 (info)
    • UMP Paper Filter PN: P181050 (info)
    • Donaldson Paper Filter PN: P622796 (info)
  • Teryx Spark Plug (uses 2)
    • PN: CR7E (info)
    • Replaces PN: 92070-1209
  • Teryx CVT Belt
    • PN: 59011-0019 (info)
  • Rear Brake friction plates (uses 3)
    • PN: 41080-1482 (info)
  • Rear Brake preasure plates (uses 2)
    • PN: 41080-1483 (info)
  • Brake Pads Front (uses 2)
    • PN: 43082-0069 (info)
  • Odyssey Drycell Battery
  • Teryx Engine
    • PN: 70750-0118-EL(info)
    • Replaces PN: 70750-0117-US
  • 2" Slide Bar for Hitch
    • PN: TX750-015 (info)
  • Kawasaki UTV Cover
    • PN: TX750-024A (info)
  • Front Shocks
    • Stock Front Shock PN: 45014-0232-17D (info)
    • Fox Defense Front Shock PN: 982-06-486-A (info)
  • Rear Shocks
    • Stock Rear Shock PN: 45014-0262-17D (info)
    • Fox Defense Rear Shock PN: 982-06-487-A (info)

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Kawasaki Teryx Diagrams to look up part numbers
Lubricants for Kawasaki
Top Selling Kawasaki Lubricants.
  • Teryx Maintenance Kit with Royal Purple 10w40 and Donaldson P622796 Air Filter
    • PN: KRFOILRP (info)
  • Royal Purple XPR Synthetic 10w40 Oil (Qt)
  • Product 3
Polaris Top Sellers
Here are top selling repair parts for the Polaris Vehicles
Lubricants for Polaris
Top Selling Polaris Lubricants.
  • PS4 Plus Synthetic (Qt)
  • AGL Plus Gearcase Lubricant (Qt)
  • Antifreeze 60/40 (1Gal)
  • Oil-Front Drive Fluid (Qt)
  • Brake Fluid DOT 4
  • Grease All Season (14oz)
  • MV850 Service Kit
  • MV850 100 Hr Service Kit
    • PN: MV850-100HR (info)
Mission Statement

To provide the warfighter, and those supporting him with fast, accurate and cost competitive solutions to challenges unique to ATVs, Side-by-Sides and motorcycles in the LTATV family that are used in Military and Homeland Security operations.

  • Flexible distribution to adapt to customer needs.
  • Electronic Parts Diagrams for Parts Look-up.
  • Electronic Request for Proposal generator for Parts and Vehicles.
  • Online Publication Library for end users to access.
  • MSDS Sheets for all products contracted for.
  • Online order status and tracking for all awards and purchases.
  • Technical support for trouble shooting and proper part id.
  • Specialized training available for advanced mechanical repairs.
  • Software development for Inventory, maintenance and training related to the purchase, deployment and maintenance of LTATV products.
  • Kitting of tools, maintenance items and cargo packs available.

Our company has been supporting deployed vehicles since 2005 and understands the unique situations that face the SOF community, border activities and time sensitive operational readiness. We find a way to adapt and overcome to make things happen.

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